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Tallinn Black Nights



Taking place every November in the capital of Estonia, the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival is one of the largest film festivals in Northern Europe and perhaps one of the most significant, insofar as it is the only one to be accredited by the FIAPF, a designation it shares with Berlin, Cannes, and Venice.


To coincide with this year's festival Filmatique has partnered with Tallinn Black Nights to present a collection of films that depict a unique panorama of identity and history— both personal and collective— in the region of the world where European and post-Soviet cultures meet.


Celebrated Latvian female filmmaker Laila Pakalnina reconfigures the tale of martyr Pavel Morozov in her fifth feature, Dawn, mediating the legend of a boy who chose loyalty to the Soviet state over family and even life through a farcical lens.  Estonian filmmaker Triin Ruumet's debut feature The Days That Confused examines the psychology of a nation by way of one young man's hazy journey through a midsummer night in search of himself, while documentarian Vitaly Mansky traces the aftershocks of Ukraine's Maidan Revolution in interviews with his family members on both sides of the border, in Close Relations.


While originating from diverse nations and perspectives, Filmatique's Tallinn Black Nights Series posits common themes among people living in the region where East meets West— questions of history, borders, and statehood place these individuals in a liminal, in-between space where the constructs of identity are just as nebulous as the institutions that form them.