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Norwegian Women

As part of its Norwegian Women series, Filmatique presents four films originating in Norway— an oft-underlooked region of Scandinavia that yet retains a strong culture of cinema.

These are four stories of women.  Norwegian screenwriter and frequent Joachim Trier collaborator Eskil Vogt's feature film debut Blind examines the texture of objective reality through the eyes of a woman who's recently lost her vision, while Rune Denstad Langlo's Chasing the Wind chronicles one woman's turbulent return to her hometown following the death of a family member.  Dag Johan Haugerud's portmanteau I Belong subtly deconstructs the notion of Norway's rational, polite society from the vantage points of three female characters; Aasne Vaa Greibrokk's All the Beauty portrays one woman's reckoning with a failed marriage that yet draws her back.  

Comprised of three feature film debuts and one second feature, Filmatique's Norwegian Women Series expounds on common themes— literature, love, the slipperiness of communication and vulnerabilities intrinsic to any human relationship.  These four films, while disparate in character and circumstance, propose a mosaic of contemporary female existence in Scandinavia.